Model Railway Exhibition • Folkestone • 2021


To the Leas Cliff Hall, where things are starting up again, and this week-end was the re-boot of the annual model railway exhibition.

I love the world of miniature detail and feeling in these models. I’ve posted quite a lot about this on my railway blog, here


Simon Garfield has even written a book about the appeal of miniature…

This year’s exhibition has a number of highlights, of which the best for me was this model of French railways in about 1950. Here is a short film of the layout

I especially like the way the model, and the film, relate to the wonderful film, Pacific 231 (1947). The first part of the film especially, which is entirely made up of making ready, and machine noise. The model certainly got some of that.

Here’s a previous post about the film

The centrepiece of the model is a turntable, which features brilliantly in the film.

My only criticism was that, based on the film, the model didn’t have quite enough concrete. They did have fences and buffers etc though.

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