This is a site made by Dr Paul Rennie. Paul is Head of Context in graphic design and communication at CSM. The College is moving, over  summer 2011, to a new site at King’s Cross and St Pancras. The new location provides the perfect pretext for a blog about railways.

I’ll be posting about trains, travel, films, posters, tickets, time-tables, stations and restaurants. I’ll also be writing about engineering, architecture and systems.

All aboard.

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  1. Dear Paul Rennie,

    Currently my office Crimson Architectural Historians is working on the image research of the Dutch publication Ontwerpen aan het Spoor, commissioned by Bureau Spoorbouwmeester. It will be presented in fall 2014. This book traces how, after the Second World War, the design of pretty much everything on and around the Dutch railway was used to provide the traveller with a recognizable, safe, and comfortable travel experience.

    For one of the essays on the design of trains we would like to include the following image we found on your blog: http://bagdcontext.myblog.arts.ac.uk/files/2011/08/31.jpg

    We would like to request permission to use this image for our book.

    I am looking forward to your reaction. I you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Yours sincerely,
    Ms. Annuska Pronkhorst (Crimson Architectural Historians),
    on behalf of Bureau Spoorbouwmeester.

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