Post Office Publicity + Model Railway • 1935

Here is a most interesting little pamphlet. It’s from 1935 and describes a lecture given by Sir Stephen Tallents about the opportunities, benefits and challenges in relation to promoting the activities of the Post Office.

I’m interested in this because the GPO commissioned posters. The pamphlet has some lovely illustrations, with posters by Edward McKnight Kauffer and Graham Sutherland.

Indeed, I have written books about these posters and this organisation as a pioneer of machine-age modernity in Britain.

Notwithstanding these efforts, the GPO is best known nowadays for the pioneering efforts of its Film Unit. This played a crucial role in the development of the British documentary film movement.

I love the picture of the engineer and the track-side telegraph wires.

The thing I am most excited about though is the model railway layout that the Post Office used to display.

I hope the Postal Museum still have it.

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