Michael and Me • 2011

Back in 2011, I bumped into Michael Portillo on the train at Folkestone…he was filming one of his journeys…they’re all on Box of Broadcasts…and also the later ones around Europe, and also the ones around the USA.

Actually, that’s me suitting behind him and wearing my beret!

I’ve posted before about these television films, here

Lewis and Clark, and Michael Portillo (BBC2TV)

Michael Portillo on BBCTV in Israel

Michael Portillo isn’t doing anything new…it was all done brilliantly in the 1950s and 1960s by John Betjeman…and subsequently by many others. I just noticed that, at the bottom of the post below, I describe Michael’s US train trip. Grr!

Trains and Television

John Betjeman was an important figure in the architectural conservation movement of the 1960s. He won the battle for St Pancras; but lost Euston…

Railway Propylaeum – The Euston Arch

The most interesting TV film made by Michael Portillo has been about his own family in Spain and the dramatic impact of the the bombing of Guernica, and the positive effect of Picasso’s great painting…all around the world.

I’ve posted about it, here


Michael’s mother, Cora, was instrumental in helping the Basque children refugees in Britain. That’s important.

BBCWalesTV made a special film about the Basque children who were found homes in wales. You can watch it on Box of Broadcasts.

Here are the details


I’ve posted elesewhere about the Spanish civil war, here



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