US Diesel Screenprint by Alan Baines xCSM 1974

L1080545This is a coloured screenprint by Alan Baines from 1974. It shows two big US railway diesels…

Alan has cleverly combined the two images so that one speaks of scale and the other of speed. The cropping of the images also adds to the dysnamism of the print. And the focus on graphic details of railway typography, and machine details, is all very pop art.

I’ve worked out that this is early years Alan Baines…not sure whether to work as an artist or graphic designer, and probably just finishing an MA.  Actually, you can sense the graphic design coming through in the combination of images and in the reference to popular cultural and film references in the print.

The top engine is rendered in metallic silver ink…brilliant. And Alan mentioned that there are more than thirty colour separations in this print.

Thank you Alan, and thanks for your work as course leader on BAGD at CSM. Top man!

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