Danger Railway…

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.57.38 AMWe watched the concluding episode of BBC2TV’s, The World’s Busiest Railway…This featured a number of stories about the problem of safety and capacity on the Mumbai railway network.

It turns out that people wander all over the place…on avarage, nine people are killed every day on the Indian railway, and train drivers are inured to the tragedy of the train hitting someone. By the time the train driver can see that someone is on the track, it is too late to stop anyway!

Here’s a picture of a poster, showing a man being hit by a train. They’ve put it up to try and shock people into thinking about safety on the railway track.

I’m not sure how successful this will be…but, I love the exaggerated facial expression on the man’s face. That’s straight out of Soviet era film posters and Bollywood acting.


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