More Photographs by Jack Deleno


Here’s another great night-time colour transparency by Jack Deleno…

Here’s the biographical note from Deleno’s wiki entry…


Jack Deleno was born in the Ukraine. His parents moved their family to the USA in 1923. Betwen 1924 and 1932 he studied graphic arts, photography and music. After being awarded an art scholarship, he progressed to the Pennsylvania Institute of Fine Arts and studied illustration and music. Deleno was awarded a Carson Scholarship and travelled to Europe. The trip was an opportunity for Deleno to purchase a camera. Thereafter, he became increasingly interested in photography.

After graduating, Deleno suggested a photographic project to the Federal Art Programe – a study of boot-leg miners in Pennsylvania. Deleno sent some pictures to Roy Stryker, and applied for a job at the Farm Security Administration Photographic Programme (FSA). At the FSA, Deleno worked alongside Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans…In 1943, he moved to the Office of War Information.

The Library of Congress holds Deleno’s archive. This includes many terrific images of the US railways and its workers.

Click on the image, below; it’s panoramic…



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