Railway Safety Posters by Leonard Cusden

L1060712 L1060713 L1060718 L1060719 L1060710 L1060711 L1060716 L1060717 L1060714 L1060715L1070064Here is a group of railway safety posters from the 1940s and 1950s. They’re from the steam age, anyway. They’re designed by Leonard Cusden…a pretty good poster designer who remains relatively unknown…

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  1. Cal Swann says:

    I knew Leonard Cusden, I taught alongside him at the London College of Printing in the mid 60s. He was my gentle mentor, a quietly spoken, intelligent man who taught the young me a lot. He showed my 9 of his posters one time which knocked me out. Then he said “I’d like you to keep them”. Wow. I live in Australia and his posters are nicely lined up in frames on my wall…

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