Railway Layouts at CSM KX

6798553648_f4b3dccdc0_zThis week-end, 11+12/10/2014, there is some kind of steam event at CSM KX. I had some fun yesterday, watching two big layouts being constructed in the front part of the building.

The two layouts are quite famous. They get exhibited at various shows all ver Britain. The fist is called The Gresley Beat. It’s a layout that shows the LNER streamlined Gresley A4s…it’s one of the few layouts that has properly designed signage – in Malard Blue and using the LNERs Gill Sans typeface.

Here’s apicture of the Gresley Beat in Folkestone

gb 1The other layout was a diorama of King’s Cross. It’s called Copenhagen Fields and is shown by the London Model Railway Club. It’s massive and very detailed. Here’s a track panel waiting to be installed…


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