Railways and Colour Photography (1944)


I just found this book from 1944. It’s a story about railways illustrated with colour photographs of model layouts. The photos are by Paul Henning, who must have been a contemporary of John Hinde. The book was designed by George Adams and has a few charming illustrations by Patric F OKeefee

The book was published by Collins and printed by Adprint Ltd, who later became Thames and Hudson. It’s incredible to think that the illustration of books by colour photographs was still in its first stage back then.

The book must have been popular – it was reprinted every year for at least ten years…




John Hinde is well known nowadays and is remembered for his photographs for Butlin’s Holiday Camps. Paul Henning is much less well known – anybody know anything about him?

Here’s the lovely endpaper design of the book.


The world in miniature of model railways is compelling – it speaks to the powerful Freudian themes of voyeurism and control. I’ve posted before about some of the meanings associated with this.

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