Railway Safety


The recent spate of big railway disasters reminds us of the importance of public safety in relation to the machine ensemble. Health and safety issues are a matter of continuous and permanent attention for those working on the railway. The messages require continuous repetition.

You can see, from these workshop posters, that issues of health and safety are generally more prosaic – lifting and carrying correctly, stacking properly and not rushing. The administrative process is designed, in part, to reduce any danger by the application of the correct procedure.

These twelve posters, by Frank Newbould, are from the 1940s. I have other sets of the same kinds of message from the 1950s and 1960s.

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One Response to Railway Safety

  1. Sheila Love says:

    Hello Paul
    I am the education officer at the Mid Hants Railway. I am currently compiling a small exhibition at Medstead station highlighting the goods staff and traffic along our line.
    Is there any chance I could use your image of these posters in the display? Do you have them individually? I only have a tiny budget for this but would be happy to send you a ticket to our next Gala, as well as of course crediting you for them.

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