Mallard is the name of an LNER streamlined A4 engine. It’s famous for having set the world speed record for a steam engine at 126mph in 1938. They are celebrating the 70th anniversary of this amazing achievement at the NRM, York, by gathering together all the surviving streamliners…


This is actually a recreation and elaboration of a famous poster by Tom Purvis, which shows the four streamliners getting ready…


Mallard was painted a distinctive blue. This, combined with its striking design and technical sophistication, almost made it a rival of the famous Flying Scotsman.

You can see the streamlined engine, pulling the Coronation and crossing the Border Bridge at Berwick, in another poster by Tom Purvis


Purvis gives the engine drama and speed. In another poster, by Doris Zinkeisen, the speed of the engine is rendered as a kind of delirium.


Here is a picture of Mallard displayed at York, so as to show off its smooth-skin styling.


One day, I’ll post a note about the lettering on these engines…

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