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US high speed rail system

There was an interesting story about American plans for a high-speed (HS) rail network.

The chances of this happening any time soon are pretty remote. The vested-interests have the politicians in their pocket. The best thing would be to reconceptualise the network as an issue of national security…the military-industrial-complex could then step in.

Here in the UK, plans for HS2 to Birmingham and beyond have been published…


Here, the vested interests are probably in favour of HS rail. It’s the nimbys blocking the plan in the Chilterns.

The lessons of the financial crisis are obvious. The only thing the Government can do is to build infrastructure – in the UK, HS railway and a new London airport are needed to get us through the next few years of the economic doldrums. Incidentally, HS2 is reckenned to be a thirty-year project.

If you want blue-skies thinking, how about this…


An integrated global rail network. I’ll drink to that.

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