Swiss Madness


Things are turning nasty on the Swiss Railways! Generally held up the paragon of service and efficiency; things have turned sour following new rules about validating tickets. The rules are being ruthlessly enforced by cheerless inspectors who are handing out big fines…(sounds familiar)

You know things are bad when the Swiss, who are good with rules, start protesting.

You can read the story, here

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  1. Alan Baines says:

    I have to agree the BBC’s ‘Steam Railway Collection’ is very charming indeed. I’m steadily making my way through it (a little like a local train of yore, trundling along via John Betjemin’s jolly delivery).
    Watching ‘4472 Flying Scotsman’ I think I caught a glimpse of the granary building at KX? Later, the view of Durham viaduct, where I spent many happy hours as a boy waiting for Gresley’s pacifics to pass by (particularly if pulling the Tyne – Tees Pullman), provided one of those blasts from the past that, when of a certain age, can be quite an emotional experience.
    Best regards
    Alan (aka ‘Silver Fox’ in homage to Gresley’s A4 Pacific)

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