A Perfect Day (Paris)

Yesterday, we went to Paris for lunch with the French family. We travelled by Eurostar and took the RER and Paris Metro. So, a lovely day.

I noticed that the French are busy transforming their Metro. The new platforms have security gates all along the platform. That means that the train slows and stops in an exact alignment with the sliding doors of the gates. This means that people will find it much harder to throw themselves under the train.

Also, people position themselves in readyness for the train with much more precision. I’m not saying that the French are queueing; but it is a big improvement.

If you look carefully, the trains don’t have drivers either! The machine is in control and we are behaving better (more consistently).

Inside the trains, there is much more space too. The carriages are open-ended and you can walk right though the whole length of the train.

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