Railway Photography • 20C

Here are three images from Swann’s NYC auction of vintage photographs, each with a railway theme.

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Network Rail • Live Stream TV • 2022

Here is Network Rail’s new live streaming relaxing railway dash-cam footage of Britain’s most scenic railway journeys.

There’s quite a lot of cab-view footage on line already, and there are many relaxing railway sound files to help people get to sleep and relax. This combines both these genres. It’s a bit frustrating that you can’t see where you are on the live stream…or maybe that’s just me.

The Network Rail channel has a number of specific routes listed too.

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Back on Track • Network Rail • 2022

Here is the advert for Network Rail’s campaign to get us all back moving about on the railway. The C19 pandemic has been very difficult for transport providers, with passenger numbers way down.

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Railway Modelling – The New Cool • Guardian • 2022


Of course, the link between railways and popular music is in the noise of the machine system. I’ve posted before about this kit of parts, just search for Music of the Rails…

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Elizabeth Line • London • 2022

The new Elizabeth Line, also called Crossrail, will open shortly. You can read about it here


This is a new extended underground line, from east to west, and from Chelmsford to Reading. The scale of system is several orders of magnitude bigger than the traditional underground.

The line will also connect, at King’s Cross/St Pancras with HS1 and Eurostar services and with Thames Link overground between Bedford and Brighton.

Basically, London just got four times bigger! That’s a trick.

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Flying Scotsman • Canterbury West • 2022

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Railway Film • Train Again • Peter Tscherkassky • Austria • 2021

The Mubi streaming service are showing the short experimental film, Train Again (2021) by Peter Tscherkassky. The film revisits, in accelerated form, his earlier film referencing the famous railway film of the Lumiere brothers…

I’ve posted before about the railway and cinema

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French Railway Poster • TGV • SNCF • 1990s

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Railway Toy • Galt • GB • c1970

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Shinkansen • Japan • 1964+

Japan House, London, have just me a wonderful post about the history of Japan’s high-speed bullet train. Now, on the verge of super-high-speed maglev (magnetic levitation) trains.

You can see their original post, here


I’ve posted before about Japanese railways. Just search for Japan in the archive…

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